Slightly sassy but genuine, Kdesigns for ideas to be noticed.


K designs all the time;

for brands, charities, events, and people. She's always up to something.

 Photo credits to the wonderful  Rachel Guthrie !

Photo credits to the wonderful Rachel Guthrie!


K for Konstantina

With a name longer than ten characters I've hold lots of nicknames in the past; these days I mostly go by K. Born and raised at the idyllic island of Crete, Greece, I learnt to appreciate beauty from a young age, or at least I'd like to think so. However, I don't practice design just to make stuff look prettier; I like to to make things work and fulfil their purpose.

I've never been the kind of creative who produces out of an inner need, just for the sake of it. Everything that surrounds us is somewhat designed a certain way, regardless if it's made by a professional or not. I strongly believe that design thinking & practice can make a good idea reach its full potential, by helping the outcome to be noticed and become more user friendly. This is where my passion comes from: I want to help people make the most out of what they do.

More frenzy rather than brave, at the age of eighteen, I gave up everything I once knew and moved to the most lavish place I could think of. After five years, London has rubbed off on me, and (almost surprised) I now call it home. I thought I'd study Graphic Design and the University of the Arts London, but uni, more than anything else, taught me how to learn. As for design, a few years after graduating, I keep learning and hope I'll never stop.

If you have something in mind but don't quite know how to get it into completion, drop me a line and we can figure it out together!


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